Is traktor 3.53 Still being updated ?

Hi is traktor 3.53 still being updated ?

Or are we expected to pay more for features we don't require ?

Thank you




  • DJ-Andre
    DJ-Andre Member Posts: 46 Helper

    Short answer: Yes there is an update for 3.5.3: v3.6.x and now 3.7

    Long answer:

    I don't see how you are expected to pay for features you don't need. Traktor Pro Plus is not required. Howevever some new features are placed behind a pay wall. People who need it are willing to pay for it. If you don't use the new features, just stick with Traktor Pro.

    If you are asking for a new bugfix release for 3.5.x, like 3.5.4, the answer is 'no'.

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