Where are the updates?

I hate coming on here and being the gripe type. I have to ask though as I have been a long time Trakto user, and even subscribed and I have to say that I have finally grown frustrated with the development team saying, "we'll be back in a few weeks" and it being months. Traktor is falling behind and real times stem separation is something that is actually usable. So can we please get an update? How long is this going to be? Where is it on the development?



  • lord-carlos
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    Last update from a few days ago is that they want to give us an update of the roadmap this week. Who knows if that will happen.

  • lord-carlos
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    I rattle the cage too. (In a fun way :) )

    I just did not like you creating a new thread in here. Nothing more and nothing less. If you had bumped your first thread that would be gucci 👜

    But then again you already knew that, this is not the first time I explain it to you.

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    I don't feel like that I put you on blast. All I said was:

    Why are you opening so many new threads with more or less the same content?

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    In defence of NI I would point out the M1 headache the devs have had to deal with. I would imagine that most of the update team were putting most of their efforts into releasing compatibility updates. This and VST3 support.

  • adrenal
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    The communication promised is a huge issue. I now subscribed to plus and will be cancelling because again, Traktor and NI are not doing what they constantly promise. Enough with all the secrecy, there's no reason for it. The other brands have now literally jumped huge steps ahead with things as simple as library management and integration. I've been a long time user and upgrader, as well as buying controllers, but have now been HEAVILY searching which software I'm headed to. Have already played a couple gigs with Dj Pro Ai. It's quick, does what it needs to do, looks good and has real time stem separation. Unfortunately this may be my exit unless Traktor STARTS TALKING AS PROMISED. Give us something team, many of us have been loyal beyond words.

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    Not looking to argue on this, I'm not even a traktor user nowadays and just read this out of curiosity to see what's up with development. So maybe you are right, but I couldn't help but notice that what you suggest is actually (usually) a really bad idea. It's basically the reason why the browser market leader netscape died, and the same might happen to traktor - so be careful what you wish for ;) Starting from scratch is a huge commitment and you will be stuck with the current state of the software much longer.

    I recommend this entertaining blog post on the topic of "starting from scratch" in software development (by the founder of stackoverflow and previous Microsoft developer):


  • Sûlherokhh
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  • Iceman the Dj
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    I just hope that when the M1 compatible version come out I'll not have to pay for it... I'll better pay for another software! Anyway, it's a shame that after more than 2 years we don't have an M1 native version!


  • Maximizer
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    I understand your resentment. You are completely right in everything you wrote. But that's how many companies work. What could have been done yesterday is not even thought to be done in general, by definition.

    Somehow on this forum, here someone said: 'Buy the equipment for the price that was established, and don't expect anything more from it than you did when you bought it.'

    This works for many business industries. They don't want to add more functions than on sale. Only products in the premium segment of the market have prolonged support. A Traktor costs 50 dollars.

    Before you, on this forum, there were many DJs for this Truth. Don't waste this time.

  • adrenal
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    The lack of anyone from NI commenting on this kind of seals it for me. Can't even find our when we can upgrade our OS on MAC to 13. We need to be able to update on computers that are dual use, to keep them updated against bugs and other programs functioning. Seriously, NI....why?

    It's sad because they manage to answer almost every question over on Algoriddm DJ Pro AI forum. Seems that Traktors customers aren't important enough to pay attention to and it kind of is the nail in the coffin for me sadly. Lack of integration with hardware, other companies in the race to actually update their stuff constantly etc. has me on the move the same way I moved from Serato to Traktor years ago. Wish this would change, cause Traktor did me a lot of good for years! Just has fallen too far behind!

  • Demus
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    Well, because of what's been going on with Traktor Pro 3.I have been trying out the new version of Serato DJ v3.0 and Virtual DJ Pro 2023 v7360 and my opinion is that the DJ industry is now going into the Frankenstein era of DJing mad creativity can be done based on this new route with the real-time stems. So let see how Traktor Pro 3 stems will be implemented and how good it will be compared to Serato and Virtual DJ Pro. Virtual DJ Pro 2023 and Serato v3 stems are free with the software if Traktor Pro 3 remains subscription out a straight buy option then, I will convert my collection to one of the other DJ Program and move on. Been using Traktor Pro since version 1.

  • Scratch-E Con
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    This. Serato stems is so much fun and not part of any subscription. NI wants you to pay for a 'patterns player'. Yeah, right.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    How much are serato and VDJ? Worth taking all into account. Although you can get full serato pro with various hardware but to buy those software outright they cost some. Just weighing it all up. I hear ya tho lots of people getting frustrated around here.

  • MiFa1969
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    I can no longer understand the approach. Energy is invested in a subscription model, but old problems are left out. I'm sorry, but what is delivered here by NI, is an insolence. I am a long-time user and was also enthusiastic about the software for a long time. But the last few years have been a joke. Instead of cleaning up properly, functions are installed that almost no one needs.

    Sorry guys, but that's not going to work anymore!

  • alec.tron
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    Same here, just cancelled my subscription (which funnily enough errored when attempting to cancel... [for people who are attempting this as well - the route over the subscription renewal, there you can cancel as well, which worked for me...]) - I'd love to support Traktor, but nothing so far on Traktor Pro this year had any value to me (i.e. again a multitube of "features" no one asked for [maximizer, pattern player, the subscription system itself], were developed instead of fixing old issues or addressing long requested short comings...

    So thanks but no thanks - I am out for now as well, keeping an eye on what might come next in the beta stream if browser/metadata issues/features as well as stability on releases is finally taken seriously, or Stem Seperation & flexible beat grids are prove to be better than the competition.

    But until then, good bye Traktor subscritions.


    ps. in all fairness, there was a release today, fixing a few broken bits : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/9019/3-8-0-beta-1-uploaded#latest

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