create knob per each layered sample

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Hi everyone I need your help please.

I've in the same zone 4 samples for drum layered one over the other.

The DRY, the ROOM, the COMP, and the are different layers.

I want to create a knob per each "layer" in the way to manipulate the volume of the if someone play the note 36 which is the C1 so the KICK, will be played all that 4 samples.

and I want to manipulate the overall volume of each sample, is possible through scripting?

Cause is not a bus because I've the sample in the same group because of the same variation..

The idea is to be able to recognize the different layer and manipulate the volume of layer, so for example the first sample is the dry kick that I've layered over the Room than the Trig and then the ideally the Room is layer 2 and I can manipulate the volume of that layer.

Is possile?

Any other suggestion?




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