Cover Art (disappeared)

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See picture, Cover art has disappeared



  • Demus
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    This is one of the reasons why I stop taking part in the beta program something new always gets broken and NI won't acknowledge such problems and try to address them. It's also causing corruption to the collection. I think this started in the first beta of the start of the coding update. Still no update as to why this is happening and no update on if there is or will be a fix for it. So, I am just waiting for Traktor Pro 4, sometime in 2023. That will be my next update.

  • SteveKDJ
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    This is exactly what it is. My view is that there are more and more problems with the programme. But, the point is about the PRO PLUS version.

    I will never have a PLUS version, why should I?!

    This is getting worse than the computer industry. The older it gets the more it doesn't work properly. I am very sorry. It's a shame really. A few effects for the Plus, and? hmm..

  • SteveKDJ
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    I am obliged to share this. 😲

    This is the answer I got to my real problem, see the picture.

    This was sent to me as a solution.

    Is this a joke? I'm not that much of a beginner.

    If I'm looking at new version 3.6.7 with Traktor, there is no picture. I put it back to the previous state (3.6.0) and there it is. 

    I don't understand what is wrong with this? 😓

  • SteveKDJ
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    So the problem I was told.

    It's true, because I made a mistake in trusting the Tractor.. it was a pity..

    Congratulations to the team, if there is no solution, then the user has not understood anything..

    After that I have nothing to say here.

  • c0nsul
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    Are you on Mac? Do you manage your songs in Had similar problems and localised as culprit.

    I used the "re-embed Artwork" script from Now, all my 20k tracks show their cover.

  • SteveKDJ
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    Thanks for your help, unfortunately I only have a Windows laptop and an iPhone phone :)

  • Klaus.Meier
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    Do the covers show in another Player, like VLC?

    Is the Coverart still in the collection.nml? It may look like this: COVERARTID="004/EEFWMIBDPQTBWC0TC0TKBF05G1UA"

    Is the Coverart still on your Harddrive? It may look like <drive>\TraktorPro_Root\Coverart\004\EEFWMIBDPQTBWC0TC0TKBF05G1UA000

  • SteveKDJ
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    I took it and scanned the whole thing again, and now it's visible.

    I got this after the update.

    But, I would not be happy if, after every update, I had to rescan the whole database.

  • daveb124
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    so I had the same issue and tracked it down to when i moved from 3.6 to 3.7.

    Only just spotted it recently as all new tracks had the cover art ok. This posting helped as I forgot about the cover art folder.

    so i want to an old backup of 3.6 folder, copied the cover art folder and merged it with my current cover art folder (im testing 3.9) and now all my old cover art is back!

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