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Very buggy and slow loads NI Libraries on M1 Max

Marcel Member Posts: 37 Member
edited December 2022 in Komplete General

Hy, I'm a pro producer and NI user from time ago, recently I switch my Mac Pro 6.1 for a maxed out Mac Studio M1 Max. The point its all NI stuff its very buggy and slow loading in a 3500€ brand new Mac. Compared to others instruments Like U-he that its lighting fast. ( 1, seg loading zebra 2 / Diva with a ton of presets) That buggy and slow load times ( p.e MASSIVE X takes 4 seconds). and the that ALL the Komplete Kontrol / standalone instruments are buggy and strange UI blips. I have more than 900€ in NI stuff, Hope Ni guys improve the performance IN GENERAL, thinking to uninstall all and go native / u-he.



  • dave251
    dave251 Member Posts: 2 Member

    I’m on a M1Pro having the same experience with the same thoughts, looking at other software. Selling my NI gear as well as its buggy/not working as stated.

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