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    I'm certain that 'poster' was a bot - we seem to get a few here posting these sort of generic non answers

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    In general, the Komplete Kontrol window is designed to be resizable, allowing you to adjust its size according to your preferences and screen resolution. This flexibility enables users to optimize the interface for their specific needs and screen setups.

    To resize the Komplete Kontrol window, you can typically do one of the following:

    1. Manual Resizing: Hover your mouse over any corner or edge of the Komplete Kontrol window until you see a double-sided arrow cursor. Click and drag the cursor to resize the window to your desired dimensions.
    2. Maximize/Minimize: Use the standard maximize and minimize buttons present in the title bar of the application window to toggle between full-screen mode and a smaller size.
    3. Keyboard Shortcuts: Some operating systems support keyboard shortcuts to maximize or minimize windows. On Windows, you can use "Win + Up Arrow" to maximize and "Win + Down Arrow" to restore the window to its previous size.
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    Yep, seems to be quite a few of these popping up now.

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    Not sure what their 'agenda' is though - they just seem to be providing these useless generic non answers but not actually spamming anything - unless the aim is to insinuate themselves on a forum as if regular members then launch a spam campaign?

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    Yean no idea, like spam registrations on a website that seem to be for no reason other than maybe fishing for security flaws. All I know is the world is in for a LOT more of this kind of thing in every industry with AI now being so accessible to the common man and it's only going to serve to make it easier for scammers.

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    Yup, pandoras box is now open with respect to A.I. I imagine the next frontier in software development is allowing us to know if we are talking to real humans or not.

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    Will just be machines fighting machines at a point, pretty sure I’ve seen a movie about that, pretty sure everything turned out good in the end.

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    We understand the need for resizable windows in the app, and we'll definitely take this into consideration for future updates. Your input is valuable, and we aim to enhance the user experience based on user feedback. Stay tuned for further improvements!

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    Someone at NI is experimenting with automated, AI-driven lip service?

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    Hi Mike,

    Your suggestion to make the KK window resizable and utilize the available screen space more effectively makes a lot of sense. Enabling resizing, as the app already does for instrument interface, would indeed enhance user experience and allow better use of filters and Download presets. Hopefully, the development team considers this feature enhancement for a more user-friendly interface.

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    Native Instruments, PLEASE make the window for Komplete Kontrol and Maschine VST resizable. I now have to hack the resource files to make your software usable.

    And need to hack it every time I do an update. This should be easy to implement.


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