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Hi. So, I'm playing a shaker (Waves factory Sharine) which has a hit sound on only one key (E3). What I want to do is copy the same sample/s to lets say Eb3, so I can play it better using both keys instead of only one.

Another way to do it would be like I've seen on other instruments where they have a key set to repeat last played note, which I also have no idea how to do

Any help on either? Thanks a lot !


  • Paule
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    If a key select a sample in a map you can't use another key for the same sound.

    The other key selects another sample.

  • Juanse
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    Thanks Paule. I'm sure there must be some way to do it? At least in the "repeat key" way...

  • Gablux
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    Repeat key way you have to go in the instrument script's release callback and add this line


    The thing is because this is a percussion instrument, the last argument (0) will make the sample to be played entirely. If you want a specific duration, set that number to the duration you want in microseconds (1000000 = 1 second)

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