Massive presets in Maschine - can't load with hardware

Jim Murfitt
Jim Murfitt Member Posts: 7 Member

I am having issues with Massive in Maschine 1.8.2 running on Windows 10.

When i start Machine i see the following error:

I can load presets by clicking on the Massive logo:

And then using the Massive browser.

However, I can't load presets using the hardware or Maschine Browser:

Without getting the following error:

This happens with all presets from all Massive libraries but other NI products work fine.

The library paths seem fine:

What I have noticed is that the Massive path is in "Program file (x86)". However if I load the X86 Maschine version then it won't load Massive at all.

I have reinstalled Massive but no change.

Any thoughts? I can still just about work, but not being able to access presets from the hardware is far from ideal.


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