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Muting "layers" of a kontakt instrument

Juanse Member Posts: 4 Sine
edited November 2022 in Scripting Workshop

Hi. I'm using a instrument from the Kinetic Toys library (Automaton). Any keystroke triggers several samples. I want to use only one of them (its a "winding up" sound) and mute the rest. I couldn't achieve it with the library interface. I guess it can be done with the kontakt tools, maybe group editing..¿? but I have no idea how to do it. I was googling "mute samples" "mute groups" for kontakt but have not found it yet.

Any help? thanks a lot!


  • Bryn Owen
    Bryn Owen Member Posts: 11 Sine

    I think you can click on the shapes outlined on the floor in the back. If the object is on the floor, the sound is off, and if it is floating it is enabled. You can play around with this and see if you can find your "winding up" sound!

  • Juanse
    Juanse Member Posts: 4 Sine

    Thanks Bryan.

    I tried that, but I couldn't isolate the wind up sound, there's a synth that remains. Tried the "ballerina" faders also.

    Thats why I'm thinking maybe with the tools from kontakt, but I couldn't do it ...

  • Bryn Owen
    Bryn Owen Member Posts: 11 Sine

    I guess the sample (I think it might be the white origami) is a combination of several sounds, so it may be impossible to fully isolate the one sound you want.

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