Distributing a Kontakt Instrument

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Will everything be included if I create a ressource container and then only distribute a folder containing the nki, nkr, nkc?


  • corbo-billy
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    During creation, Kontakt asks you if you want to create a Resources folder (data, ir_samples, performance_view, pictures, scripts); you must have declined this option.

  • darb1
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    Sorry if this sounded like I declined this option. I was just asking meaning: I did create the resource container and nothing was missing when I moved the istrument on my PC. Does this mean I can safely move the instrument without anything missing on other computers

  • medusa
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    After you're finished making any changes to the resources (scripts, irs, pictures, etc) do the CREATE again to overwrite your NKR with the latest version of the resources. Then all those resources are packed in the NKR which you can use for distribution and you can remove your Resources folder. (Obviously keep it for future changes, but remove it from the distribution copy)

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