Why the "Headphones" option disappeared from the Output Monitor ?



  • Orbiuxx
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    Hello Kubrak,

    Yes, I'm using the right driver, downloaded from Native site,

    it's a ASIO driver, thank you for trying!

    best regards from Brazil!

  • wayfinder
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    I don't know if you have checked this already, and please forgive me if I am telling you things you already know but I can't tell from here what your level of expertise is so I'll start from the beginning:

    The "Master" outputs go to your speakers. It plays what's running on the decks, that's your mix right there.

    The "Monitor" outputs go to your headphones. They do not duplicate what's going to master as long as you have Cue Mix at 0, but they only play what's on the cue! So if you are just playing something in a deck, there will not be any output if Cue Mix is 0 and nothing is playing on Cue. If you want to test the function, you need to (for example) preview a track from the browser in the preview mini-player, or use the CUE function on a track deck (or turn up the cue mix knob - at Cue Mix 127 the Monitor Out will in fact duplicate the Master Out)

  • Orbiuxx
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    Hello Wayfinder!

    Well, we'd better skip this step then, I've been a DJ for over twenty years and honestly, all controllers today are rooted in the excellent DJM 500...yes, 500! I don't know how to operate the headphones and their Vol, Cue and Mix controls, thanks for the tips, but I learned all that in the Stone Age.

    As you know, the Kontrol S4 MK1 has Master outputs, Headphone listening via Cue and Monitor outputs, which, as the name implies, can be used for any external amplification or monitoring system, on stage or in any other environment, whatever you want.

    I used the headphones normally, one day they stopped working. I can only believe it to be a Hardware issue as the configuration options and hardware tweaks have been exhausted.

    thanks for trying!

    best regards from Brazil!

  • wayfinder
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    Dang, I hope it can be fixed somehow :(

  • G.M.T.
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    Did you ever solve this issue? I have the same problem with an S4 Mk2, cue vol on the S4 doesn't change the cue vol on Pro 3, whilst I can hear sound through my headphones its very faint, no option in output routing to select 'headphones'

    My headphones work fine in other devices..

    Very frustrating.

    Have opened a ticked with NI support, but saw your OP, I have the same issue!

    Tim (from London)

  • Orbiuxx
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    Hi GMT, I'm sorry you're going through this too 😔. My experience was very tiring, because, despite the attention of all the attendants, and some members of the community 🙌, I didn't get the answer here. If you follow the same path I did, you will spend weeks doing and redoing tests and configurations, with no result. But calm down, I managed to solve! As, several times, I tried to argue that it would be a hardware problem, but nobody wanted to admit this hypothesis, I got tired and handed my Kontrol S4 MK1 to a Brazilian technician who only works with controllers and he said to me: "ah, I know what is it, I fixed about five with the same problem" - do you believe it?

    that is, it is a hardware problem and you will only waste time trying to adjust the software. As you are in London, I believe it is easier to find an authorized Native assistance. I hope I helped and prevented you from having the headache I had for almost a month!!! Good luck,

    Best regards from Brazil🙏

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