wait() sometimes ignored?

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The code below works fine on instruments I created. It also tested fine on Kontakt Retro machines and factory selection instruments.

The loop starts at 10 and counts down with a 1 second wait between each down count. Status bar shows the count down, 1 # per second.

On some, for example, all the Play Series Selection instruments, the loop takes 1/2 the time because it seems as if every other wait is ignored. You can see in the status that instead of 1 number appearing each second, it displays 2.

Anyone have any idea why the 1 second wait is not waiting sometimes in certain instruments?

Kontakt 6.6.1 on Windows 10


on init

declare $waittime

declare $steps 

declare @steptrail 

end on

on note

$steps := 10

$waittime := 1000000

@steptrail :=""

while($NOTE_HELD = 1)


@steptrail :=@steptrail & " [" & $steps & "]"




end while

end while

end on

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