QML: signal I/O

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Dear community,

Has anyone figured out how to consume and process arbitrary control data streams in QML? OSC, perhaps?

I currently use workarounds such as HTTP and global midi I/O, but this comes with limitations, is unnecessary complicated and does not allow for appropriate utility of adapters.

If there is anyone out there working on topics like these, I would be happy to get in touch and share experience or work.



  • Paule
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    The coders and programmers at NI works with QML not the users.

  • rmn
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    edited December 2022

    To each their own.

    I happen to think that a closed ecosystem wherein all artists have access to the same limited set of resources impairs the evolution of our sound and is therefore detrimental to my scene and live performance in general.

    And the only reason for it is greed.

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