How to rescan/reset the Kontakt 7 factory database to remove duplicate presets?

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I have some libraries with duplicate presets, due to folders containing older versions. For example, ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials.

I deleted the duplicate presets in the Finder, but after restarting Kontakt 7, I still see them listed. If I try to load them, it shows this error:

I'd like to clean up and remove these entries entirely.

I see controls to rescan user libraries, but how do I do it for the "factory" database meaning the included Komplete content and the other Kontakt libraries installable thru Native Access?



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    Does anyone have insight into this?

  • Reber Clark
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    Same issue here. Did you find a fix? The link is confusing.

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    @Reber Clark Yes, I did. Basically you gotta find the "Komplete.db3", delete it, and restart Kontakt so it rescans libraries.

    In this thread I've requested a better way, like it doesn't make sense we have a button to rescan custom libraries but not the "factory" ones. The super-knowledgeable EvilDragon confirms there is no easier way at present, so I recommend speaking up and requesting it too.

  • Reber Clark
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    Thanks. Will do.

  • aka
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    KONTAKT file management and database management SUCKS !

    I can't even do RESCAN anymore

  • aka
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    things get even worse - some idiot removed the DATABASE screen from settings so in Kontakt 7 there is no way to rescan it and there is only option to switch to NATIVE ACCESS with does not have that option either. I do not know who makes those decissions in NI but whoever that person is should be fired. Kontakt lacks of basic features and the GUI is as bad as it gets.

    I do not see what there would be a problem to allow user to create or rebuild database. They use SQLite which is the worst and most unreliable SQL database that exists. SQLite indexing is terrible and thie database is known for its slowness and issues. Not suitable to more that 1000 or so records in a table. Yes it will work with larger recordsets but it will cause issues.

    I know for fact that NI is replacing their emplyees quite often, perhaps that is one of the reason that some uneducated people design GUI and make development decissions which later is hard to reverse.

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    It's an odd and clunky process for sure. I'd welcome insights from someone on the NI Kontakt team about what might be in the works, like how Eddie has been a tremendous help on the Guitar Rig forum.

    My observations:

    • The factory database seems to only include "proper Library" folders. I was hoping by now there wouldn't be such a separation between "works with Kontakt Player" and "needs full Kontakt".
    • What's additionally confusing is: if I add my factory database folder and scan that, it picks up additional presets. Which suggests that some are being missed somehow, or there are other nested folders that don't form to the definition of "factory" for one reason or another.
    • I have various valid Kontakt .nki files that DO NOT scan properly, they show up as "Incompatible". Yet if I drag the .nki onto Kontakt, it plays as it always has from previous versions. I have no idea why.
    • Quick Look is in a weird state, because the purpose of it used to be to "Fave" stuff, but there are proper ⭐ favorites. Similarly, I wish I could easily edit a .nki's metadata so it could be more searchable by keywords I choose.
    • I wish there was one simple "RESCAN ALL" which would simply do just that — EVERYTHING.

    So right now my process of refreshing is as follows:

    1. Quit Kontakt.
    2. Delete the komplete.db3 file.
    3. Restart Kontakt.
    4. Go to the ⚙️ to Import Content.
    5. First, scan the overall folder with factory content, so it catches anything it missed.
    6. Then, scan the "Custom Library" folder, and make sure "Import subfolders as individual libraries" is checked ✅ — wish this defaulted by default, because there's not a time I wouldn't want to comprehensively scan subfolders.

    That feels like way too many steps. A single "refresh" button for ALL of this would be great.

    And even with all that, sometimes I just open the macOS Finder and look around for .nki there, then drag them onto Kontakt. Or Ableton can show .nki in the sidebar, so I might drag from there.

    I'm curious what others are doing to make sure (at least as best you can) that all your content gets scanned.

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