K14 Standard owner > want to crossgrade to Izotope MPS5 but NI website says I'm not eligible. Help!?

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I have owned Komplete 4 since its release. Two days ago I upgraded to K14 Standard.

K14 license shows in my account. I successfully downloaded and installed.

Now I wish to buy a crossgrade to Izotope MPS 5.

I'm logged into my NI account and go to:

Then from there to:

... There's a dropdown box to choose 'Full Version' or 'Crossgrade'.

When I select Crossgrade, I get a warning saying the following:

'This crossgrade only works for registered users of KOMPLETE 2-14, KOMPLETE 8 -14 ULTIMATE, KOMPLETE 12-14 ULTIMATE Collector's Edition.

None of the qualifying products are registered to your account'

....... This doesn't make sense to me, since I do own a qualifying product (K14)... And it can't be an issue of it taking a little time to recognise my recent purchase, since apparently the K4 I've owned for about 15 years would have already been enough to qualify.

I am able to to put the product in my basket and proceed on to the checkout, but naturally I'm concerned that if I drop the money it won't work.

I realise this is likely a question for NI support, but I'm here in the hope of a faster solution since support is closed over the weekend.

Any ideas?


  • Simonche
    Simonche Member Posts: 2 Member

    Update: I was itching to buy and so took the risk. Seems like everything worked fine. Currently running the Izotope installers.

    I assume it was a bug on the NI website.

  • kenzylafrance
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    Hey, I had this exact situation trying to crossgrade from Ozone 10 standard to advanced as a registered Komplete 14 user, I wasn't going to take the risk at first before contacting the support team but after seeing this, I just bought it anyways, and it worked!

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