Looking for a old KONTAKT License or Help finding the right Gear.

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Dear community members,

I want your help regarding investment in soundgear.

I find the current prices of KONTAKT 14 too expansive and it is confusing on wich Komplete version fits my needs.

I want to make my own backing tracks because i want to start creating music content on YouTube.

I play Electric guitar and Arabian Oed. At the moment i don't really know which Kontakt version will fit my needs. There are to many komplete versions wich are to expansive at the moment and There are also discount on only instruments of NI.

The VST plugins i have at the moment are EZ-Drummer and EZ-Keys. And an Arturia Keystep 37 keyboard wich i bought recently.

With them i can make drum sound and piano sounds. But i don't have the orchestral stuff like violin and Cello wich can make the backing track sounds more fun especially with Oed.

My questions are:

I don't like to spend to much money on stuff i will not use in the future. With the komplete versions there are to many stuff. So is Kontakt ultimate really worth it for guitar players that want to make there own backing tracks? or are you good with the standard version.

Or are instruments a better choice.

Is there another compatitor like NI that have cheaper prices. I found Arturia for example and they have good deals especially during this black friday season, the problem is that they don't have many sounds for cello and violin and they focus more on instruments that can make beats for HipHop instead of backing tracks for guitar/oed players.

I look forward for the opinions of the experts here😀🤟

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