KOMPLETE KONTROL / MASCHINE Error: "*Product* could not be loaded, as it may not support Apple Silic

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  • Primarily is happening with third-party NKS plugins like U-He Diva and Arturia.
  • Was working fine on the Mac Mini M1 that I replaced with a MacBook Pro M1 Pro, get this error on the latter.
  • Restored from a Time Machine back-up to the MacBook Pro started getting this error.
  • Reformatted the MacBook Pro and started from scratch, still get the error.
  • Latest version of all plugins.
  • All plugins are M1 compatible and running in Apple Silicon / Universal mode, which contradicts what is stated here as causing the error: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/6178238907421-KOMPLETE-KONTROL-MASCHINE-Error-Product-could-not-be-loaded-as-it-may-not-support-Apple-Silicon-or-VST2-to-VST3-migration-
  • Running Komplete Kontrol in Apple Silicon / Universal generates this error.
  • Running Komplete Kontrol in Apple Silicon / Universal also causes the ScanApp to crash.
  • Running Komplete Kontrol through Rosetta works, but that's garbage and shouldn't have to considering all these are Apple Silicon compatible.
  • Apparently the latest version of Komplete Kontrol is faulty and needs to be fixed.

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