Why Does Purchasing Software Online From NI Feel Like I'm Back In the 1990's?

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In today's modern age of electronic commerce if you sell something 24 hours a day you should be able to process the order and ship it 24 hours a day. THAT is the standard. Back in the 1990's before we had the payment processes standardized, it was understandable you needed to have a physical review of the transaction before shipping. Overcoming those limitations is what really initiated the modern age of "touchless" purchasing and delivery and eliminated international time constraints for delivery, particularly in the software field.

That seems to be everywhere in every country in the world other than at Native Instruments. Why is that? It's terribly frustrating to purchase something and see the payment actually show up in my bank account and still have to wait several hours before my download is authorized by NI.



  • Tony Jones
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    Cases must vary. I just bought something and downloaded it within ten minutes. Maybe a random spot check?

  • DunedinDragon
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    The cases vary based on whether the accounting people are currently at work to manually check and authorize the download. That's why it seems like it's 1999 rather than 2022. The vast majority of online product systems will automatically match up the order transaction with the bank authorization of payment (which in today's systems happens within minutes of the transaction) and automatically authorize the download and send the confirming email. I'm guessing their 1985 vintage IBM PC's using Visicalc don't have that capability.

  • Simchris
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    Zero hassles for me either. Likely your Russian made hacker pc got flagged. (Kidding.)

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey @DunedinDragon sorry to hear the products are not available to you right away. Our payment system has quite tight security measures so unfortunately some orders need to be manually authorized by our team.

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