script a fixed gain increase when a switch is moved

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I'm building an instrument where 8 groups switch from being played all at once vs going through round robins. When you do this there's obviously a volume difference.

I've got the switch to change play options, and I've made that same switch bypass in/out a gain effect on all groups to compensate for this volume difference but I'm wondering if there's a more stable solution that simply bypassing an effect when you move between play options?




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    Insert a Compressor FX in Master _

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    Thanks, if your meaning to effectively squash the volume as it changes thats's not what I mean.

    What I'm more looking at it something under ui control where when that switch is in position 0 its changes the gain of all groups to -10db for example, when in position 1 it brings them all the 0db, without an effect having to be inserted to do this, so it's more stable and less prone to failure if someones clicking around inside it.


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    If you have a control that adjusts group volumes already on your interface, then your solution of adding an effect is a good one. Another solution would be to do this in an instrument bus by routing said groups to one of busses, then adjusting bus volume. Or you use bus volume as your global volume for the groups routed into it, you can use group volumes for relative volume offsets then if you want, and still use an Inverter effect (super cheap on CPU) and its Output parameter to do the -10 dB adjustment you need depending on RR mode on/off.

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    Thanks ED, so ill take that as a no, there isnt a way to just do a 'on ui_control...' and it adjusts group volumes without using an effect?

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