Maschine 2.16 VST Sync problems

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Hi, im working on a mac, not M1. When i start Maschine it keeps syncing, but freezes after 10 minuts. I followed you instructions by deleting Plugin data file, but it is not working. With 2.15 everything was working fine. When i restart, it starts all over again. One time it run through all vsts, but then in maschine nothing was working. NI it is good that you focus on M1, but owners of a mac without M1 want to things working also. I wanted to buy our Komplete 14 update, but because of this i won't.


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  • SpencerTyler
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    You might have to re-install 2.15. 2.16 doesn't really have any use for you anyway. There's no new features. It's mostly Apple Silicon Support and VST3 related


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