Key colors not working

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I also use Key matching when mixing.... the key codes show in the track listing.... but the co-responding keys do not light up anymore.. can someone help. ?



  • s4mk3
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    Looking at your screenshot you have Master selected. Think it only works in Auto?

  • DJ RX-78
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    I'm having the same issues, and I've bounced between Auto and Master.

  • DJ RX-78
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    Having the KEYs colored really helped with quickly registering if things matched up before in previous versions of Traktor. I'm a very visual person and when I'm DJ'n, seeing the colors helps be quickly select if something may be a good fit, especially if I'm doing something on the fly and I have less than 30 seconds to switch things up.

  • Spazoo
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    Check to see if your settings have inadvertently changed.

    In Browser Details --> Key Reference setting, I have mine set to Deck Focus. That is working for me. When I choose Master Deck the key colors do not work.

    Sometimes if you toggle settings back and forth, that can get them to work.

    Good luck. I hope this helps.

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