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Chris August
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I have a soundscape sample that I am wanting to pitch bend. When I load it into Kontakt it only pitch bends with a 2 +/- semitone range. How can I increase that? I've tried clicking into the settings, then group editor, then adding pitch bend, but it doesn't give a semitone range... it just gives a percentage. Every video I watch, shows that after someone adds the pitch bend modulator, the horizontal bar will change the semitones...mine just adds a bar that is at 100% and only changes that.




  • Gablux
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    that fader gives you the amount in semitones. That is a pitch-bed wheel modulating the pitch of the samples before the group FX and Amplifier sections.

  • Chris August
    Chris August Member Posts: 3 Member

    Thanks! Everything I kept reading said to click the group editor tab first and that's where I was going wrong. I appreciate your help!!

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