What is the latest version of Native Access 2 - 3.0.1 or 3.1.0 OR 3.3.0?

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When I view the official release thread for Native Access 2:

Official update status - Native Access (current version: 3.0.0) — Native Instruments Community (native-instruments.com)

There is a giant changelog and blurb for 3.3.0 that is dated 10.27.22

Is this blurb mean to read as what's upcoming in 3.3.0 (not yet released) or was 3.3.0 actually released on 10.27.22?

Then I am seeing a few threads in here where users seem to be referencing a version 3.1.0

I have been logging into NA2 daily since 10.27.22 and my NA2 install remains at 3.0.1





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