LFO on mix, size, or pre-delay of a verb in Kontakt 6 is it possible ?

Thierry Ménard
Thierry Ménard Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I want to put an LFO on the parameters of a reverb, or even a delay or in fact any parameter of any insert in Kotakt 6. I want to know if it's possible.


  • Gablux
    Gablux Member Posts: 85 Helper

    It is possible but not the most intuitive way, which would be using the modulators Kontakt offers.

    Those modulators are only available for the group section, or group level. If you want any kind of modulation at the insert, busses, send or main bus level, you need to script them yourself.

    Hint: Use the listener callback for that.

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