M3U Adds to Traktor but songs won't play

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Hi. I use DJ event management / CRM software that allows me to upload the music database from my computer and then generate M3U playlists for each event which in theory I can then import into Traktor and have a functional playlist automatically generated.

Its taken a lot of work to get my music database uploaded and the M3U files to generate (needed to export itunes XLM file with Track IDs from iTunes, convert to XLS and then re-order loads of data), but I think it's finally working on that end.

Now I can import the M3U into Traktor and all of the songs appear in the playlist. They're only the songs that are actually in my library and I can see the file paths... but they aren't the actual songs. The all have an ! next to them and if I try to load them I get "File Cannot Be Played".

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Additional information: XLM file was exported from OSX Music (iTunes) before being converted to XLS. All info was deleted except Song (Title), Artist & Track ID.

After import to Traktor all of the songs are there but they don't look quite right. A lot of the track titles have the Track number in them (i.e. "18 Walking On Sunshine", "07 I Got A Feeling") so the song titles are different to how they usually appear in Traktor. Also the Artist Column is empty and everything else is zero value (bpm, time, bitrate etc.) But the file path column is all correct so it knows where to find the file!




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    Now I have made further progress. 

    I decided to export an m3u playlist from Traktor, open it with TextEdit and compare it to the one I’m trying to import (from CRM Software). 

    The Traktor m3u has a lot less info in it. Each song looks like this:

    /Users/myname/Music/Music/Media.localized/Music/2pac/Greatest Hits/05 Changes.mp3

    There is no other info in the file other than a list of file paths like that. 

    In the CRM m3u file each song looks like this: 


    #EXTINF:-1,2pac - Changes

    Greatest Hits - Macintosh HD/Users/myname/Music/Music/Media.localized/Music/2pac/Greatest Hits/05 Changes.mp3

    #EXTINF:-1,Aaliyah - Try again

    I then edited the CRM file to delete all of the info that doesn’t match the Traktor m3U file. For each song I deleted everything other than /Users/… through to … /example song.mp3

    I then saved the file (checking that it still had m3u extension) and imported into Traktor. It didn’t work and was a mess. 

    Then I tried editing the Traktor m3u file that I had previously exported, deleting all contents and replacing with the text from the edited CRM file.

    I imported that back into Traktor and it worked!!!!

    So I now at least have a way to make it work but it’s definitely still a bunch of work so hoping theres a work around? 


    Heres the process that works: 

    1. Export m3u file from CRM

    2. Open in TextEdit and delete all text other than the file path. From /Users/… through to … /example song.mp3

    3. Export a working playlist from Traktor and open it in TextEdit. 

    4. Delete all contents and replace with Edited CRM data. 

    5. Re-import into Traktor. 

    Any thoughts on how to make this process a bit easier? 

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    Hi @Jupiter4 this will need our support team to have a closer look. I've created a support ticket for you instead and our team will get back to you by email.

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