Can we resurrect Absynth?



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    That's not a bad idea, except that we don't know that PA has any more capacity than NI since the merger. Also, there's likely a lot of overhead and technical debt to overcome and employees of the other two companies might be more productive where they are. Finally, while there are a lot of fans of Abby out there, they tend to be existing customers. NI doesn't think Absynth is selling enough units or bringing enough new users to Komplete.

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    Absynth should never have been discontinued in my opinion. It is a seminal synth in synth history, one of the few surround capable synths available, and can produce such amazing sounds - plus has some of the best sound design in the historical Absynth user library and third party library. I am not happy with the fact that I may not be able to use it on Mac in a year or two, although I think some hosts may still load it even after the demise of Rosetta 2 as I think some have built in Intel wrappers (Bitwig maybe, I think Metaplugin does too?)

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    NI doesn't think Absynth is selling enough units or bringing enough new users to Komplete.

    As Brian told in his video: Absynth need an upgrade.

    But he don't build it.

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    NI caused the problem of Absynth ‘not selling enough units’ by leaving it to rot. If they had continued to actively develop and modernise it I am sure interest would have grown again

    Besides I really don’t care about narrow commercial perspectives- Absynth was a work of art and is of cultural value in the history of synthesis - such things should go beyond short term profits

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    Absynth has gone the way of Kore, which was an excellent drone generator. Likely you will see a new synth or some of it's features will be added to maschine, massive, and/or kontakt like parts or kore were integrated to the core of maschine, so it made continuing kore redundant for development. to continue absynth seems like it would require a complete rebuild, so might as well make a whole new one that can load the legacy absynth libraries, it also seems it would be possible to just create an absynth kontakt or reaktor instrument instead.

    What should happen is that rights to Absynth should be returned to original developer for updating and support and any updated version would no longer be by NI.

    I am told you can still run Absynth unsupported in rosetta on silicon M1 macs using AU or vst 2, (i did not try because i still have my intel macbook pro, intel mac pro, and a mac M1 mini), but it seems many have issues with it working on the M2... and then M3 is set to come in a few months... so you could say NI did not kill the product, apple did, as absynth works fine on windows and earlier macs. the clear advantage of the ARM/M processors is it allows multiple processor cards each with it's own graphics and memory to give a true multi processor capacity (computer on a card) like in eventide's H9000. apple has yet to harness this - it would allow the cpu card to be upgradable - something apple always resists. what would be nice to see is that audio is able to harness the graphics processor when it is not being used for graphics processing like AI does.

    My advice is that if you love Absynth like i did Kore, keep you old computer, or get an earlier one on ebay, like an intel mac mini and use that midi bridged to you main computer... those old intel mac minis are cheap and it keeps your cpu free on the main.... i would go with a legacy mac mini or window laptop for this over a legacy mac laptop for this... and there are many windows laptops that are new and inexpensive that will run it fine...

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    Yes I am doing this. But I still think NI were foolish and short sighted to get rid of it. For one thing Absynth is one of the very few synths where you can do deep sound design in surround, and that supports multiple surround configurations. Spatial audio is becoming more of a thing now and we need more synths that can do surround well, not less. I'm actually having a blast with Absynth right now on my Mac Studio Max because the Studio Display monitor does spatial audio really well and I have been making a whole bank of surround patches recently to take advantage of that.

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