TRAKTOR 3.6.1 screen freeze on MacOSX Monterey 12.5.1

Luke Kosar
Luke Kosar Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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Hey anyone else experiencing screen freeze while playing? music still going but laptop screen freezes for few seconds to sometimes even 20-30 seconds only started doing it after 3.6.1 update. MBP 2015 and have friend with same mpb same traktor version and his is doing same as mine... so thinking its maybe a glitch?



  • DiscoStur
    DiscoStur Member Posts: 14 Member

    Seeing short freezes in Traktor for years … for example if you import a new playlist from your history or if you create a new playlist then the UI (decks) are freezing as long as you hit the create / import button for the new playlist.

  • Luke Kosar
    Luke Kosar Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I not had that issue pre latest update...

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