I bought Session Horns pro, and the serial number disappeared.

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On a previous computer (2015 Macbook Air), I bought Session Horns pro.

Recently, I bought a new 2021 Macbook Pro to have a better time with performance and I went to redownload Session Horns and it's not there. When I go to my orders, I can see the receipt for $299; however, when I go to Products and Serials I can only see Noire (which I bought on the new computer).

Please help, as from what I can tell NI doesn't really have an effective way to contact them other than on the site itself. Unless I've missed something of course. Idk if the Reference number is safe to show or not, so I just drew it out.


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    Your purchase is registered to another email of yours and that's why it's not listed there. Don't worry it's not lost, rarely is 😉

    Our team will be in touch with you via email as soon as possible.


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