Kontakt “pasting error”

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Hi folks. I’m trying my hand at making Kontakt instruments, and using David Hilowitz's video here: https://youtu.be/B2iEhJcrHxI

One problem I am running into is the ability to duplicate groups. I'm using Kontakt 5.8.1 in Windows 10, and when I try to duplicate groups, using the right-click context menu the way he does in the video, it only works once. Any time after that, I get an error message that says "Pasting Failed". This error message persists even if I close Kontakt, re-open it again and try it in a brand new instrument.

In order to get back the ability to duplicate a group once, I have to actually re-boot my computer. And then the cycle repeats itself: after duplicating a group once, every subsequent time I try it (even after re-starting the app) I get a "pasting failed" error.

Anyone have any idea why this would happen?


Added note: this also happens in Kontakt 6, but not in Kontakt 7 -- for whatever reason, duplicating groups in Kontakt 7 works just fine.

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