Round Robin in M+ ?

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I know that this topic has been discussed in the past, but wanted to revisit it to see if NI would consider adding Round Robin capability to Maschine Plus and the software. And also see if the community has any suggestions as a stop gap, this feature would be very handy to have especially now that we have Auto Sampling capabilities.


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    It will work only on computer (no M+) but I have made Reaktor block that sends received MIDI notes to 4 randomly picked MIDI channels. If you auto-sample your instrument 4 times, save each pass as a separate patch and load the 4 patches in Maschine so that they receive MIDI on consecutive channels you could get Round-Robin effect.

    You will need to run Maschine and Reaktor in parallel sending MIDI notes to Reaktor and than back to Maschine. You can of course split the MIDI notes between unrelated instruments as well, or modulate the output channel parameter to spread up to 16 channels. If some of the channels will have nothing on them you end up with silenced note (aka probability)...

  • ozon
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    Round Robin would be nice!

    For sounds which are not velocity sensitive (e.g. vintage mono synths), you can abuse the velocity layers for sample variations. It’s pseudo random and once you recorded your pattern, each repetition will always trigger the same variations.

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    @ManoVarunKumar said:

    And also see if the community has any suggestions as a stop gap

    For desktop users, there's options like Battery or Kontakt, none fit seamlessly into MAS Pad mode tho; for M+ standalone it gets a bit tricky....

    You can load the first sample then go to Sampling> Zone press add for additional samples and spread them across velocity ranges, then use velocities to trigger the different samples as sort of a fake-round-robin, either manually, thru 16Vel, step mode, etc... Not very practical tho :(

    If I really need round-robin I just set up the samples across several pads and alternate the triggering manually, the downside is you waste a lot of Pads and a simple Kit can be like 3 Groups.

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    +1 — neeeeeed this

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    Haven't tried it off hand, but you could try putting the samples in one single audio file, then instead of changing pads for different round robin hits, modulate the sample start point, that would only use one sound slot.

    EDIT* OK tried it, it works but in the software the automaton adjustment is so terrible by mouse that accuracy is a problem.

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    RR is the biggest reason for me to use Kontakt patches on my M+ standalone. Feels kind of overkill to use Kontakt only for RR but there's no telling when RR will make its way onto Maschine itself.

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    If it hasn't been added yet, it never will be, RR is a basic feature of drum machines, it is even in NIs own drum plugin Battery, it has been asked for since day 1 and hasn't happened, so never being added is the safe bet.

  • tetsuneko
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    right, which is why I use kontakt patches in my M+ when I need RR samples

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    How are you using them? Say you want RR for a drum kit (acoustic or electronic): Do you make an individual Kontakt patch for each instrument and then load a Kontakt instance for each Pad/Sound?

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    I usually only require RR for certain drum sounds (snares, hihats etc). I create simple patches with only a single RR sound and then import them into single pads. So far I haven't made many though, as I dont have my computer on most of the time. I do admit its far from ideal, but I'm glad at least some option for this exists which doesnt require kludging it with velocity or using several pads, because in contexts where the MIDI data gets more intricate, those kludges become very laborous.

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