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mason drielling
mason drielling Member Posts: 16 Sine

Massive has this problem too. Other synths in Maschine do not. If one monophonic signal cuts another off before the first reaches 0db, it can create a pop or click.

You can use a limiter, clipper, compressor, or change the attack, but these are all destructive edits. You can also sometimes still hear the click.

It's not a bug. But as a long time Maschine user and 808 enthusiast it's a huge pet peeve for me. For people who use a lot of samples in their beats, a more permanent fix for this may make a big difference.


  • ozon
    ozon SwitzerlandMember Posts: 618 Saw

    Could you share detailed instructions on how to reproduce this problem using Samples/Sounds from the Maschine 2 Factory Library?

  • D-One
    D-One PortugalModerator Posts: 852 mod

    Sounds like a zero-crossing issue to me.

  • tribepop
    tribepop Missouri, USAMember Posts: 105 Tri

    That was my thought as well but it sounds like this is happening for VSTs as opposed to samples. I guess it’s still possible to get the clicks from the zero-crossing but I would have figured the VSTs have something built in to prevent that like continuing to play the tails of the sound or whatever.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever noticed this and if I have I don’t know how you would tell if it was the zero-crossing issue or a buffer/latency issue since it’s a VST.

  • D-One
    D-One PortugalModerator Posts: 852 mod
    edited October 3

    With samples it sometimes it happens for me too if the next hit cuts off the previous out of zero-crossing, and in some synths too for bass sounds, especially in Massive, in such cases, I just add a bit of release so it doesn't stop too abruptly out of ZC (sounds un-natural without it to me anyway).

    I'm not very advanced in synth sound design to know if there's specific stuff to prevent it but I know Oscillator Phase can cause it and it's very common for patches to have a tiny bit of attack/release even when the sound is supposed to have a sharp transient, using values of zero tends to cause clicks.

    For 808 samples I tend to use ADSR instead of One-Shot for more control so I don't have any issues but lots of folks prefer to have them always ring out, not sure how one would fix it that way.

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