my imported collection doesnt save

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new to traktor 3( just upgraded)

New computer.

open TP3 , import a music collection (takes about 20 minutes) , all good works fine, fast , and tracks are searchable.

shut program down, says “saving stored collecrion” and closes program. when i reopen traktor 3, no stored collection. have to

”re import” and another 20 minutes…

what gives?



  • BS66
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    anything? anyone?

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Map 'Save Collection' to one of you keyboard keys like i did below. Test if this helps saving the collection.

    You will find the command under 'Add In.. --> Browser --> Tree'.

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    Check out the paths in Preferences / File Management / Directories / Root Directory

    Alternatively you can copy / paste the collection to the installed Traktor folder and open Traktor.

    DEFAULT C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Native Instruments

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