Degraded Performance with 3.6.1 and CDJ-3000 : Tempo Adj. Accuracy

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Just upgraded to 3.6.1 and the jog wheel tracking for CDJ-3000 is lagey and jumpey. See video This is not the behavior in 3.5.3. Can you please investigate and post a hot fix?

This is the correct and accurate behavior in 3.5.3 ->





  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @djrhythma can you please get in touch with our support team directly so we can take a closer look? We just released a fix for CDJ-3000 drift issue and so far I haven't see any reports of lags after 3.6.1 yet.

  • djrhythma
    djrhythma Member Posts: 3 Member

    I filed a ticket. My estimate is that whatever control you put in place to deal with platter vibration too aggressive. If you watch the videos in the post you can see the difference in response to platter movement. 3.5.3 was dialed in and no lag. 3.6.1 is lagey and unresponsive and then jumps in a non-deterministic manner.

  • Allan_NI
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    Hey Djrhythma, thank you for your report. We have filed it and are working on it.

  • djrhythma
    djrhythma Member Posts: 3 Member

    Thanks Allen.

    Any ETA on patch or update? Reason why I am asking is that I am totally blocked on my workflow and have resorted to exporting playlists to USB sticks.

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