Traktor Pro 3 & Emulator Pro 2

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Hello, user of Traktor pro 3, in an msi gt72, coupled with a touch screen iiyama tf4237, I will need to reinstall touch innovation emulator pro 2.

Does anyone have a copy in their possession and could send me the installation file?

Touch innovation having closed its doors, I can no longer reach anyone, and pablo martin having taken up the torch, chameleon forces me to redo my skins.

If anyone can help me out, thanks in advance.



  • Wyley
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    The apple ecosystem can allow for touchscreen emulation but Traktor (also Serato) doesn't work well with touch controls. Was it working well for you?

  • samychaine
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    At home under windows 7 8 10 and 11 it has always worked perfectly. the software emulator v1 and v2 was fully configurable and customizable.

    pablo martin ex developer of touch innovation took over one of the first version of the software,, (chameleon) to check compatibility with apple systems.

    I bought his version, but I prefer to stay on v2 with my skins fully functional, even if rebuilding a tactile layer on chameleon will only take me a day's work.

  • Wyley
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    Wish you luck with your endeavour.

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