traktor has been shutting down for me ever since june

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Good evening, i am not sure, but my problem may be linked to the updates that came prior to and alongside the beta test of 3.6.1

since the start of the summer, traktor has continually shut down at least once every night right out of the blue

am i the only one

does anybody know any solution to this, i am ready to revert back to an older version

all updates are in, and everything is up to date





  • Uwe303
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    i would at least try the last non beta version for live use.

  • CrazyDarrell
    CrazyDarrell Member Posts: 5 Member

    not using the beta version

    i was trying out the beta 3.6 but it expired june 30

    reverted back to 3.5 and utilized that initially, which seemed fine

    and upgrade happened shortly thereafter, which was the predecessor to 3.6.1

    that is where i started to have issues

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