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If I could get the best laptop specifically for Traktor Pro 3, what should I get? I lean towards PC and really cannot stand Apple products.

I currently use pro 3 software with s4 mk2 using beatport streaming pro.

I am looking to upgrade as my galaxy book is not capable of keeping a charge and am getting clicks and poor latency. Internet is 400 mbps and all works great on desktop.


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    for traktor 3 an actual Intel i5 or ryzen 5 should do well. Of course you can go higher with i7 or ryzen 7 if you use the laptop for other stuff that needs more power but only for traktor not necessary. But it is, anyway, not a good idea to perform a set with the laptop not connected to power. Then, of course, a laptop performs not as good as it can, it tries to save power, you can change that behavior but then you discharge the battery really fast.

    Maybe something like that: HP 255 G8 (4P2V6ES#ABD)

    Maybe someone else has a concrete model he uses and that he know, works well

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