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Hi !

I'm the owner of a Komplete Kontrol A61 keyboard. I am learning to use it with a plugin host (Gig Performer, for what it's worth). I do NOT use Komplete Kontrol while playing, not even as a plugin.

Right now, the only usage i have for 1 knob is changing volume of a plugin. It works well, but every time i plug my keyboard, the knob value starts at 0 ; so i have to put it at the desired level, or the lesser variation on it will put my volume at 0 or so (although volume is saved fine on Gig Performer, on startup).

I managed to use Komplete Kontrol to give name and range to that knob using template editor, but there is no room for giving startup value.

Is there a way to do so ? Or (maybe better), a way to use my plugin host to soft-send a value to a knob (so i could set values automatically according to my setlist).

Thank you :)


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @melodic Unfortunately there is, no setting a start value of a knob in the Komplete Kontrol application.

  • melodic
    melodic Member Posts: 3 Sine

    Hi ! Thanks for your answer !

    Any way to set a knob to a specific value from computer, with control change maybe ? I don't really see how i can use it to apply effect while playing, if i cannot set it correctly at the beginning of each song :/

    (or maybe i don't conceive it properly ? Some other "workflow" would be better for modulating effects while playing live with a band ? )

  • melodic
    melodic Member Posts: 3 Sine

    Hi @sumisa22 ! Thanks for your answer too ! If you can get any hint from your friend, i would be glad you let me know :D

    Thanks again :)

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