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  • ScottChesworth
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    I'd +1 both. Expected to find deeper NKS support across NI's offerings when I picked up KK13 Ultimate, but in general, it seems like the NKS protocol could use some love. More things need to be controllable, such as menu selections within GUIs, mappings, outputs, performance settings per instrument etc.

    As things stand, when I find an instrument with NKS support, there's still inevitably a journey of discovering what can and can't be done accessibly, and often times, the can't do list ends up being longer than the can do. Here, purchasing an instrument and finding out that I'm able to get anything close to full leverage over its capabilities has been the outlier. I'd like to see that UX become the norm.

    Thanks in advance for any movement you can get going!

  • Jim Homme
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    Answering for myself, Both. The GUI's are meant, as I understand it, to control the individual applications, while NKS is meant to control the sounds, once they are made. For me, the big three are accessible GUIs for Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt, and at least one synthesizer, such as Massive or FM8. I get the lack of accessibility put in front of me any time I read a manual and realize that I can't really get control over a lot of things. We have to take what's mapped to NKS at this point and make the best of it. And I don't mean for any of this to sound ungrateful for the accessibility we have. I'm still very much a beginner at grasping this stuff, but my day job is accessibility, so I tend to notice it without really trying.

  • Jim Homme
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    Total silence speaks lowdly. Any news?



  • JesterMgee
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    This is a wishlist thread. Like most wishes these are hopeful things with zero guarantee any suggestions will even be considered so not sure much news will flow back I wouldn't think, just the more people that chime in on the same suggestions may mean possibly something could be considered for the future.... at some stage.... maybe... If ur lucky.

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