What album, song, or artist got you into making music in the first place?

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I was always in choirs and into singing when I was younger, but I remember that the band Smash by the band Offspring was the first album that really made me want to be in a band. Years later I heard the song The Influence by Jurassic 5 on the radio and it really pushed me into the direction of becoming a rapper. That was about 20 years ago now and I haven't looked back since. What made you make music in the first place? Do you think their influence is big on your music now?



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    After growing up playing orchestral instruments in a variety of orchestras, I heard the song Life in a Northern Town in 85. I absolutely loved the combination of orchestral instruments, synths and pop music. That was the impetus needed for me to compose my own music in the same vein. It wasn't until I got my Amiga and Deluxe Music Construction Set in 1987 that my composing really took a giant leap forward.

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    There's always that one song isn't it. 🥺

    For me I'd say when I heard this song live by Rafael Anton Irisarri. The venue was tiny and the volume was so high (he actually had to warn the audience that this song was gonna be loud) that it left my ears ringing for hours.

    ("Silence is death". Pic from the gig!)

    I remember the whole floor vibrated. My whole body vibrated. It literally sent chills down my spine and made me want to DO something. To be able to make things vibrate like that. It was probably the first time I felt that music was so visceral. And got me interested in producing.

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    It was in summer 1982 the Casio calculator VLC-1. The next step in spring '83 a used KORG MS-20. For screwing sounds and simple scapes.

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    For me I wanted to be a DJ like Run DMC or Jazzy Jeff/Herbie Hancock from the age of about 7 but from there, I was influenced by anything and everything from CCR, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Nirvana...... But I was never going to learn an instrument growing up in a small town country with struggling parents so I never wanted to be "in a band" because I knew even when I was a kid it was unlikely.

    However when I entered High School and got into bands like Prodigy, Daft Punk, Fat Boy Slim all of whom were small groups using mostly computers to make music I was inspired and heard that Liam Howlet (Prodigy) used FastTracker in his early days which really made me excited as I had just been introduced to it and my grandparents had just bought our family a Win95 computer so it was my gateway into being able to create things for myself.

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    It has to be this one - played by DVS1 himself on a huge sound system.

    Definitely a turning point in my perception of what beats and rhythms can do to your mind.

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    When I saw a classical music concert with Pierre-Michel Le Conte as conductor.

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    The album that blew my mind, redefined what noise was and what music was: Sonic Youth "Sister"

    And the one that decided me to buy a computer to make electronic music:

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    This is an hard one to answer! Not so much what sparked my musical interest early on but I started with turntablism and I remember being heavily influenced by what was happening in some corner of the scene in the US around 2000-2004. I still remember downloading this mixtape from Toadstyle on a random board online. I can't tell you how much time I practice to try to get close to the same results and I spent years playing with my beloved vestax PDX-2000 (RIP). I originally got into making beats just to scratch on.

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    Impressive perfomance on the Bastrd Language Tour, never seen something like that.

    That nasty bassline at 9:08...

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    Absolutely, I can relate to that musical journey! It's fascinating how certain albums and songs can ignite our passion for creating music. For me, it was Pink Floyd's iconic album "The Dark Side of the Moon." The mesmerizing blend of progressive rock and thoughtful lyrics opened up a whole new world of musical expression.

    As I listened to the album's intricate arrangements and poignant storytelling, I felt an undeniable urge to translate my emotions into music. That's when I picked up my first guitar and started experimenting with melodies and chords. The album's immersive experience showed me the power of music as a means of conveying feelings and stories.

    While my early compositions were undoubtedly influenced by Pink Floyd's atmospheric soundscapes, my style has evolved over time as I explored various genres and musical techniques. However, that initial spark of inspiration remains an integral part of my musical identity.

    It's interesting to reflect on how our musical influences shape our creative paths. Just as Offspring's "Smash" and Jurassic 5's "The Influence" played a pivotal role in driving your desire to become a rapper, "The Dark Side of the Moon" ignited my passion for making music. While my current sound may have evolved, the foundational influence of that album continues to resonate in my compositions, reminding me of where it all began.

    What about you? Do you find that the sound and style of Smash and Jurassic 5 continue to influence your music even now, two decades later? It's incredible how those initial sparks of inspiration can leave a lasting impact on our artistic journeys.

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    Three Days Grace (Pop/Alt Rock band)

    Jerome's Dream (Noise Rock, Screamo Punk band)

    Orchid (Screamo Punk band)

    These bands inspired me to make and mix music properly by studying their sound.

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