Traktor pro 3 - output sound crash because of laptop power supply?

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Hy, for home practice, I'm still using my old setup:

HP 250 G7

Numark mixtrack pro 3 with downloaded key mapping

Traktor pro 3 orginal, I use second licence (got with S4 mk3)

Problem is weird - when I unplug my power suply from laptop, or connect it to laptop - my sound from traktor pro crashes. It gets weird, lot of noise, crackling etc.

Then I just need to plug/unplug my dj controller, and it reset sound to normal.

I tried to change USB cable, but problem is just when I'm plugin or unplugin my power suply.

Maybe is laptop ready for some service?

It's old 6 month, and all left connectors (usb, hdmi, power suply) is really bad and have bad connection.

But what power supply have with audio output and sound drivers?



  • Kubrak
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    I guess it may be due to power plan set on your notebook. Generally there is usually high performance (CPU runs fast) when on plug and Ballanced/PowerSave (CPU clock goes down and other things to save power...) when on battery.

    Notebook might switch those two power plans when plug is removed/inserted. At least my notebook does it by default....

    So, if that causes problems the way might be to create power plan for Traktor so that it does the same regardless on battery or plug.

  • dr.Tom
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    Well - when I used same controller but with VDJ and SERATO on same laptop - I didnt get any issues.

    I tried to connect dj controller to USB hub with external power source, but same thing.

    But I will check this, thanks!

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