Compatible Tablets for Maschine?

Ban Parlous
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Hello.Hope everyone doing good. I'm in the market for a Maschine compatible tablet for more portability for downtime at work. Something Win10 based (or Win11 I suppose), work with Maschine Mikro. Any thoughts from the community on this subject?


  • D-One
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    If you're looking at cheap models I'd say forget about it, consider a hybrid foldable or a real laptop. Note that Windows ARM tablets won't work with Maschine.

    Some folks use MAS with the Surface Pro with decent results, I asked the same question a few years back, would be cool to know how the new models handle things.

  • Kubrak
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    One would have to try, but I would probably avoid intel 12xxx family, because of big.little cores. Hard to say, what it does on Maschine 2 SW....

    The new AMD Zen 3+ CPUs (6xxx family) look fine. They were released week, two ago, so probably only few laptops are available just now.

  • Ban Parlous
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    Thanks for your responses. Yeah, my budget for a tablet (assuming it wld work w" Maschine, of course) would be $300-$500. Anything over that, I agree, may as well just spend on another lappy. I've seen a YT video on this elusive subject & he tried surface go and surface pro with decent results from what I cld tell. I'm still hesitant. I figured I'd check here first. Thanks again.

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