How can I ensure a round robin always starts from the beginning?

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I am creating several round robins to cycle through melodies on each single midi key press. However, when I start one round robin cycle on one midi key press (say C3) and then play another round robin on another midi key press (say D3), when I return to the first round robin (on C3) the cycle does not restart from the beginning. By using limiting key range in scripting, it is ensuring that each RR resumes where you left it, but I need each RR to always start from the beginning and not to resume the cycle where I left it. I hope this makes sense. I have spent a hours trying to sort and I am unfamiliar with how to script.


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    You need to have a RR counter per key, so instead of something like $rr_count, you would use %rr_count[$EVENT_NOTE] instead.

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    Hi, EvilDragon. Thanks for your answer. I have never scripted before and have tried looking at the Kontakt manual and other online sources. Is this scripting simple as I have little time until my next gig to sort this. I am playing midi bass pedals and if The sequence on one pedal is messed up by poor footwork, I need to know that the pedal will reset the sequence the next time I play it. Thanks again.

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