Feature Request - Add waveform previews with hotcues in browser

indadb Member Posts: 1 Noise

Please, adding waveform preview including hotcues in browser is really helpful as Rekordbox has implemented.

I would like to request this feature to be available in Traktor and watching in a quickview the structure of the track.



  • Karlos Santos
    Karlos Santos United KingdomModerator Posts: 136 mod

    Welcome To The Forum.

    I was previously quite ambivalent about this request but recently I've had to use Rekordbox to prep music so I can use CDJs without a laptop and it's very useful to see whether tracks have already been prepped in the browser.


  • wayfinder
    wayfinder BerlinMember Posts: 137 Tri

    having the strip gfx preview in the browser in the first place, cues or not, would also be really convenient

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