From Script Modulator causes crash

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Hi KSP wizards!

I have some problems with kontakt crashing after a while when playing mpe via from script modulators. Kontakt just hangs itself especially when i play fast or lots of notes in a short time. I tested it with a Midifile; kind of bombing Kontakt with lots of events and it seemed to hang up after a certain amount of time. I also tried to minimize the script output with a single loop, but it just extends the time until it hangs up.

Any ideas?


  • EvilDragon
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    Can you pack an example instrument+MIDI that reproduces?

  • m0ma5
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    Here it is.

    Recorded in Logic, so it is midi file type 1, maybe you have to merge the midi channels back together for a single multichannel file. 

    At higher bpm it crashes immediately. „Playing style“ is not conventional but effective 🙃

  • EvilDragon
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    Hmmmm ok so I have just played it at 300 BPM in Reaper and it doesn't crash...

  • m0ma5
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    Thank you for taking your time testing this. 

    It does crash in reaper, but sometimes it takes a few cycles to do so.

    I also tested it on another system with same results. 

    Wenn I reduce the amount of outgoing „from-script“ signals, it just takes more time until it freezes. 

    I can not really describe how the crash looks like so here are some videos:

    Reaper just stops working

    In Logic most of the time Kontakt freezes first and logic takes a few extra cycles until it stops working.

    Standalone just quits with a loud clipping.. 

    I testet it al lot with musikraken, a seaboard rise and seaboard blocks, recorded midi files and programmed ones.. 

    Occasionally Kontakt doesn’t stop working entirely, only some fx quit working and start clipping like in the last video

    Can you or someone else tell me, what effects those crashes? 

    I’m currently on Kontakt 6.7.1

  • EvilDragon
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    I of course didn't just play the loop once, I left it for some minutes, and it didn't crash over here...

  • medusa
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    Just ran it in Cubase here, and it doesn't crash either. Routed all the MIDI channels to the one Kontakt instance, looped like 10 times at 250 bpm... It doesn't make any sound, but it doesn't crash.

  • m0ma5
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    Thanks for your commitment!

    I didn’t assume you just threw it on for a moment. When i play conventionally with the seaboard it can take a few hours for the problem to appear. And i tested the script with this method because it is rather random wether it crashes. it is quite unusual thouh. Maybe there is a better method? I attached a reaper project, which i used last time to test the script and it crashed after a few passes (maybe 5-10 minutes) on my mac and the one of my colleague. At the moment we don’t have the possibility to test on windows. K7 didn’t bring any changes except that it ran smoothly in logic pro X.

    I’m not shure if the clipping which you can see in the short video is causing the crash or is a result of the crash. Maybe you have a better approach for me to test the whole game?

    I don’t know how cubase handles multichannel midi, but if no sound came out, something seemed wrong. The Kontakt instance must be set to omni, because Midichannel 1 is not used.


  • EvilDragon
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    The main problem here is that it takes a long time to experience a crash. Unfortunately this makes it practically impossible to debug. If you can figure out a way to make things crash instantly or within a few seconds, that is also repeatable not just on your machine/DAW but others too, then something could be looked into. Otherwise, not much can be done...

  • thecld
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    Hey, @m0ma5 have you managed to overcome that bug? It seems I have exactly the same problem in my project. I use a lot of from_script modulators and it seems that I've found the problematic one, it's the Attack value of AHDSR or AHD envelope modulating the filter's cutoff. I wonder if you were modulating the same thing in your instrument? ✌️

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