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It's been over a year and we are still dealing with bugs in M1 macs.....

I'm not saying it has to be all m1 native but atleast make it so your plugins don't have obnoxious hanging notes. so unprofessional. SSL, Arturia, UAD and basically every major DAW has sorted out the m1 bugs or gone full m1 native.

Native instruments has taken FOREVER and now I suspect They'll make us pay for the update because its just been so long.

Is there any word on sorting out m1 compatibility with Massive X? any news on how that will be rolled out?



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    Hey @djelvis1, I understand the frustration this long waiting time is creating. We're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as most of the main products updates are lined-up for this end of the year.

    If everything goes as planned, Massive X and more should be set compatible during September.

    We also look forward to be able to share a mode detailed planning of the upcoming Silicon updates soon. Bear with us, we'll share more on this community as soon as we can.

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    Hi @djelvis1 we've got some updates. Check out a timeline from our product team here. I'm closing this thread to avoid duplicates.

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