Feature Request: Sound Variation Support for Studio One

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I'd love to see the implementation of the Sound Variation API into Kontakt so Sound Variations for articulation switching are created and offered automatically (E.g. See VSL's implementation).

Besides Studio One this Sound Variations API is already implemented in Digital Performer as well. Open to be adopted across different DAWs this sets the stage to be a non DAW-specific benefit for many users.



  • Musicmind
    Musicmind Member Posts: 6 Member

    Yes, that would be really nice. Saving so much time to be spend on making music!

  • Psalmster
    Psalmster Member Posts: 9 Member

    Yes! Eager for this. NI - join the Studio One Sound Variations party!

  • Patrice
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    edited February 2022

    Native Instruments - go for Sound Variations! It's a revolution in the sample library industry!! And you, as the market leader in software sample players, can't miss out on that right!? 😎

    VSL Synchron Player supports it, EW Opus does, Spitfire Audio does, UJAM supports it as well. Kontakt still missing.

    If Kontakt supported this API, we would never again need to create these maps for all our sample libraries in the DAW manually. Of course, that's assuming other DAWs than Studio One and Digital Performer start incorporating the API then, too.

    Sample libraries can already report their keyswitches (with set_key_name and set_key_color) - so all libraries that just use keyswitches would automatically support Sound Variations as well - without them having to change anything!!! Wouldn't that be great? (For more complex things like MIDI CC data etc., there could be another KSP function to allow sample libraries to report that as well but keyswitches would already be a huge benefit!!)

    The API is public (https://www.presonussoftware.com/en_US/developer) and can be used by anyone, no matter if virtual instrument or DAW.

  • estevancarlos
    estevancarlos Member Posts: 1 Member

    I agree. Presonus came up with a greate solution in sound variations.

  • Hookiefree
    Hookiefree Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    This would be awesome! Such a time saver. Please implement this feature!

  • Trucky
    Trucky Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Yes, please add support for this to Kontakt

  • Chris810
    Chris810 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Please add the support for this feature to Kontakt 7, cause this makes live easier for Studio One Users out there, with Studio One 6 there is now fully support to Video too, this means that a lot of film composers out there needs this key switches feature.

  • Rok
    Rok Member Posts: 5 Member

    Yes, Kontakt needs this feature, please add this :)

  • Simes
    Simes Member Posts: 1 Member

    Yes please! Anything that will speed up the workflow and leave more time for creativity has got to be a good thing.

    NI, I’ve been a loyal user and ‘upgrader’ of your products for many years. Please level yourself up with the other manufacturers and implement Sound Variation in all your instruments.

  • Frans
    Frans Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    A thousand times yes! This would remove so many technical hurdles! Please add this functionality to Kontakt!

    This is such an incredibly obvious move for NI if they want to remain competitive. Especially now that all these new samplers are cropping up WITH this feature.

  • Gee_Flat
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    I remember when Windows 95 came out, the mockers and scoffers called it "Mac '89'.

    Now I see KristalLabs with VST Expressions, all I can say is, let's call it what it is:

    Cubase 5, '09 :p

  • RudiUK
    RudiUK Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Another voice to add a Sound Variations facility to Kontakt.

    It would revolutionise workflow, especially if it became a shared or universal facility between sample engines.

    Pretty please! :)

  • Patrice
    Patrice Member Posts: 2 Member
    edited March 2023

    Just a heads up on this topic. It's such a great way to make working with sample libraries a lot easier. Add this to KONTAKT and all sample libraries on the market that just use keyswitches and label them correctly can instantly benefit from it.

    Again, VSL Synchron Player, EW Opus, Spitfire Audio and UJAM already support the API, as well as Studio One and Digital Performer on the host side.

    It seems you haven't really understood what this thread is about. It's not about the Expression Maps variant in Studio One, it's particularly about the Sound Variations API which could most closely be compared to VST 3's IKeyswitchController feature, although Sound Variations API is much superior (since IKeyswitchController only supports Keyswitches, no colors, no folders/groups of articulations, no meta data etc.).

    The idea is that once you select a preset in a KONTAKT library, the instrument automatically transfers all articulations including their name and activation sequence (Keyswitch, MIDI CC, Program Change, Bank Change, Channel Change - or any combination of those which could basically represent all techniques used by sample libraries).

    PreSonus once said that it should be possible to implement the API in an existing plug-in within a few days. So the effort should be very low. But the benefit for the people is huge, especially if Cubase, Logic and the other DAWs add the Sound Variation API as well (like it happened a few years ago with ARA).

  • Gee_Flat
    Gee_Flat Member Posts: 906 Guru
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    I was just goofing off. Of course I see the benefit of the API. I doubt Steinberg does.

    My point was that the man who wrote the specification for Steinberg's VST3, is the same as the one that created and oversees all decisions made for Studio One. And, while 'Kristal' was being converted to Studio One in 2009, Steinberg was 25 years old and had already implemented the use of vst expression maps in Cubase. If they didn't invent it, they always seemed to be ahead of the curve.

    I'm a Cubase user and I wonder how much they want to work with the main rival, rather than being the one that calls the shots. And who knows what NI is up to.

    I need to restrain my comments at times, because I prefer to spend my time making music and not thinking about what nerds do with code. 😀

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