Can I use the Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2 when playing vinyl as THRU through Traktor Pro?

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Can I use the Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2 for controlling Traktor effects, when playing vinyl as THRU through Traktor Pro?

As I want to switch between vinyl releases (using the THRU mode) and vinyl timecode (both in Traktor), will I still be able to use the X1 Mk2 for effects when I play actual vinyl?

One possible problem I can imagine is that because the effects within Traktor are BPM-synced, effects become out of sync when the effects are applied to the THRU mode played vinyl (if possible at all). anyone having experience with this kind of setup?


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    This is what i know:

    • Traktor FX are syncd to Traktor Master Clock.
    • Master Clock can be slaved to a deck which is set to Master, either manually or automatically.
    • A deck set to THRU cannot be set to Master.

    This is what i imagine doing to have it your way:

    • Set Auto Master Mode to OFF.
    • Enable Master Clock TICK.
    • Remap one or more of your now basically useless Endless Knobs (Loop, Browse) to control Master Clock Tempo, Master Clock Pitch Bend and TAP functions (for the latter i would experiment with the Knob Touch control assignment).
    • Use the new controls and your headphones in conjunction with the audible TICK to align the Master Clock to the tempo of the tracks playing through your decks.


    Edit: I imagine you can still manually set the timecode decks to be Master. But i am not sure in this regard, since i don't have experience with timecode setups.

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