iMaschine gone from App Store

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Went to download iMaschine on a device yesterday and seen it was not listed in App Store. Incredible app. And could be made way better if simple features added and updated. But removed??!!!? I have all the in-apps up to Soul Magic when it stopped being updated.

Please don’t give up on this app. People love it. Fix the bugs. Improve on the sampler. Keep the expansions coming. Add AU support with multi-out for those of us who use GarageBand. Add more Traktor Pro DJ app integration for those of us that like to do our on remix sets on iOS.



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    Is this true? If so, it would have been good practise to inform us beforehand. You have my email adress.

  • ron2blessed
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    It is true. Maybe they are preparing for iMaschine 3!?!?

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    6 years ago Apple announced that inactive apps would be removed from the store, giving time for devs to adapt, considering nothing has happened for iMaschine since forever I guess Apple just removed it ?

    And it's not just inactivity, things like not having proper scaling for all screen sizes, breaking security/privacy guidelines and other stuff... This is quite controversial but I mostly like it because people shouldn't be out there selling apps and making a profit for something that they have no intention to maintain, improve or even fix issues.

    For things like older games and such that work just fine and don't need updating it's a bit unfair tho.

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    Maybe it has not been selling much/at all, last years. So, little/no money for Apple. And also for NI. So, not financialy feasible to deveop it and maintain it.

    No money, no service. It is cruel, but... Hope one may install it even if it has been removed from Apple Store.

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    Even when it is removed, people that have previously purchased/downloaded it can still access it via their "previous download" history no? So it is unavailable for new users but all previous users will always have access to it as long as it is on a device attached to their account.

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    So, generally no problem for current users, they may use it. Just it is not available for new users anymore.

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    Apple does not remove apps from the store due to low profits on their end... That would kill any startup small devs trying to break thru and those are by far the majority.

    Yes. I deleted mine and redownloaded it thru my "Purchased" apps tab.

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    It was very outdated anyway, Beatmaker 3 is pretty close to the desktop Maschine workflow on iOS, it is a lot more powerful than Maschine, but you will definiately see the similarities.

    You can buy an app to convert expansions.

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    Ahhh, iMashine 2 app and Ultimate collection is advertised for sale on the main website, seems I missed the opportunity.

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    But it’s not in the App Store

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    incredible that all pages on the NI side fro IMaschine are fully active but the product is not available. It is like the M1 compatibility of their products. They have time to bring out Komplete 14 with incredible upgrade prices from 13 even for very little additional contents especially for Standard and Ultimate Collector but most of their products including my KK S61 still require Rosetta to work properly.

  • IQMusic
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    Maschine 2sw on desktop is my go to software, glad to hear the IOS app will be brought back and available to purchase after testing.

    Hyper stuff, indeed it's been a very busy eventful year at N.I. am enjoying the new frontier of products, improvements and updates, very inspiring, satisfying and lots of fun.

    Also yesterday the desktop site seem to be refreshed with some changes to the products menu, search bar, titles, and the IMaschine product title seems to have moved to Maschine software and accessory's. The DJ Hardware title leads to Digital Djing Traktor. While the iPhone Safari website has the app listed under Machine Production & Performance like before.

    Also spotted, it seems navigating to the Maschine Expansions area now requires an extra click, as there is an extra drop down menu, similar to the way Maschine 2sw Native Instruments Plugins list now requires an extra click to reach the N.I. plugins. The Komplete Instruments and Effects tab is now called Software & Sounds Komplete. The Maschine Production & Performance title is now Hardware Keyboards, Maschine and more.

    Desktop website

    Desktop website previously

  • IQMusic
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    Checked the App Store, no sign of iMaschine.. yet, fingers crossed that the test passes.

    Glad the main website layout and titles have reverted! It is fabulous. Will the Maschine 2sw have it’s plugin menu to revert, so it’s easier to select Native Instruments plugins instead of clicking vst/vst3 please?

    Peace 💚🍀

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