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In traktor as with majority of DJ software i would gather the track position on the downbeat is never sync'ed across every track... and with some recorded tracks the sync can often go off the set gridlines

which brings me to the real question...

Can a Cue point of some sort, move the grid-offset into position upon calling the cue point?? better still what options do i have in Traktor to achieve setting this option once the playhead has moved over the said cue points position??

apologies for the newbieTraktor101 questions LOL...

asking the more knowledgeble ones to share their knowledge in this golden age of communication... has its benefits *winks

Thanks in advance!!


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  • 6xes
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    Actually just having thought about the grid-offset marker... and the practicality of it... wouldnt bode well if the playhead doesnt cross the marker(point)

    which brings me to the thought of grid offset region markers.. so that if the playhead should be within the region markers A-B the grid-offset is automatically set. *shrugs

    anyway... that was just a random thought 😁

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    Hi @6xes you can manually set the beatgrids. Have you seen this article?

    How to Set Beatgrids in TRAKTOR

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