Best Place for beginner training for Komplete/Kontakt

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Hey all, I just purchased Komplete 13, and have never used it. I am having a really hard time finding appropriate training for the software.

I've found a lot of videos that cover one feature, or a review, etc, but start to finish training isn't something I can seem to locate. I'm a total beginner and really prefer courses I can watch.

I use mac and ableton. (I know how to produce music otherwise)



  • Tony Jones
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    Komplete isn't just one thing, so the idea of Komplete training needs a little bit of refinement

  • Cfio
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    Okay, I purchased Komplete 13 ultimate. I have never used Kontakt or Komplete. I would like a thorough overview of Kontakt as well as training on the individual libraries.

    I have a lot of software and have never had an issue finding training. This has been different. I'd like to spend a day learning all the ins and outs of the software, it's functions and capabilities, and as an added bonus, see the software in action.

    Ironically, I would appreciate complete training on Komplete. I think it's a reasonable request. :)

  • Cfio
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    I found some tutorials on ADSR, but if anyone else has some recommendations, I'd love to hear them as well!

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Cfio we don't have a course with video tutorials that cover everything in the bundle atm, but thank you so much for the feedback. While it might not sound as fun as a video tutorial, the most comprehensive overview of Kontakt we have right now is a manual we have on this page.

    For an overview of each library, you can find a walkthrough video on each product page, for example Straylight. If you wanna dig deeper into each library, there's a manual on the same page.

    The best way to get into the bundle for me is using a Komplete Kontrol software + keyboard though. 🙂

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